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SO I wrote a thing.
And then Kaz put music with and made it a billion times better.

"An Imaginary Love Letter From One Broken Girl To Another"

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OK, but this tho.

(Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson)

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Pure Happiness. (x)

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Michael Fassbender  | 86th Annual Academy Awards (March 2, 2014)

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I hate how in the show of Game of Thrones they portray the more masculine women as misogynistic, particularly Arya ‘Other girls are stupid’, Brienne ‘you sound like a bloody woman’ and Asha using the word ‘cunt’.

Despite the fact that in the books all these girls adore women, they idolise them and are angry about the way women are treated and Asha condemns men’s use of the word cunt

Like the men who created the show seem to not be able to fathom that masculine =/= misogyny and that women can be butch and not hate feminine girls

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why are there no knock-knock jokes about freedom

because freedom rings


stop unfollowing me

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Harry Potter books covers from around the world.

Oh goodness those black and white ones.
I don’t care what language they are, I want. 

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My youngest flaunts her mind, and frightens away the suitors.

- Louis Nicolas le Tonnerlier de Breteuil, on his daughter, the raddest person in history, Émilie du Châtelet. Emilie was a scientist in the 18th century who proved Newton’s ideas on velocity wrong. She also played a role in helping Einstein figure out E = mcwith E=mv2 (via intuitiveunderstanding)

Also, “frightens away the suitors” = BS. Emilie du Chatelet was a hustler. Fucking Voltaire was her personal man-candy. Her husband was apparently totally cool with it. The historical record did not preserve evidence for or against a threesome.

#girls don’t you go feeling like you don’t got any role models ‘cause you got role models like damn#it just takes a little more work to find out about them is all

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FREAKIGN AGES it took me to figure out who did this cover. Sheesh.

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I am more amused by this than I should be.

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the real winner

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I have a girl crush on Mary Kathryn. I refuse to apologize. I think she’s amazing.

Who are youuuuuu?

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Anonymous asked: Yeah but where are your nudes

Under my clothes, bro.

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I think I may be in love with MK. She doesn’t know this, and I’m terrified to tell her but she is so beautiful and I just stare at her pictures sometimes wishing I could grow a pair and tell her.

I don’t even.