04:23 PM . 22 September 2014

I’ve listened to this 4 or 5 times and it still had me in tears on the drive home.

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04:15 PM . 26 August 2014

if you tHINK im gonna rewatch this 50 episode anime with you just because you havent seen it then you are absolutely right sit down we are marathoning this.

- Emmy because DbZ

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02:42 PM . 06 August 2014



"Because that’s where she lives."

I lost it.


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02:19 PM . 06 August 2014


i love being the radical degenerate queer of the family.

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02:55 PM . 23 July 2014

I’m a little let down but I’m not dead
There’s a little bit more that has to be said
You played me now I play you too
Let’s just call it over

All the broken hearts in the world still beat
Let’s not make it harder than it has to be
Ohh, it’s all the same thing
Girls chase boys chase girls

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03:07 PM . 10 July 2014

That’s me sitting in the bathroom with the lights off. Nobody knows the kind of stuff I gotta to fight off. I wash my sins away but I can’t get the white off. What made you ever think you could take the night off?

I can’t stand to be alone when the buzz starts wearing off…

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11:09 PM . 07 July 2014

I felt a stutter and a waiver cutting like a razor, like fire through the snow, then straight down to the bone. She creeps up like a spider and wants you deep inside her. She turns you into stone, a twisted little show.

That’s how it was to all begin ‘cause good girls they like to sin.
Way back at the starting line, when Eve was on Adam’s mind. And he was the first to go In search of the great unknown and falling yet again, ‘cause good girls they like to sin.

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03:10 PM . 27 June 2014

Christoph Leary got knocked flat
as Billy bumped the Aquabats.
He ripped out Mischa Barton’s spine
to crank Save Ferris and Sublime.
He burnt down Heidi Montag’s home
and to blast the OC Supertones.
His scream was smashing LC’s head.
Ska is not dead.

This gigantic robot kills.
He’s gonna come down the block, he’s gonna fire at will.
He’s blasting bullets from his elbows, shooting missiles from his eyes.
He’s gonna win the day for Billy, take the OC by surprise.


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03:32 PM . 25 June 2014

Brand New

It started with a song or two… and then nostalgia… and then I accidentally discography. Send halp.

10:47 PM . 22 June 2014

That depressing ass moment when you can’t tell if you identify with the subject of the song or it’s singer.


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02:39 PM . 19 June 2014

You’re Welcome.

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02:35 PM . 19 June 2014

You’re welcome.

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01:47 PM . 18 June 2014

Now the time has come I just wish I could erase all the damage done, all this pain, all this heartache. It’s only just begun, it’s been fun, we were fucked up and numb. There’s a killer on the corner and he’s looking for love. He’s…. looking for love. Yeah he’s looking for (you my love.)

Where did you go as the lights went black? Look what’s become of me. I’ve grown to love your disappearing acts; do one more pretty please.

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03:18 PM . 01 June 2014

Ive seen the episode “As We Know It” six times. Cried like a baby six times.

12:45 PM . 29 May 2014